Milimani Primary School Naivasha, Kenya 2016

Our mission: to empower and support women and girls, by providing menstrual hygiene supplies and menstrual health education to needy communities.

Me to You Charity

We work to help women and girls overcome obstacles and taboos, along with educational and economical gender-gaps associated with menstruation. We do this by providing menstrual health education and sustainable, menstrual hygiene supplies. With these resources, women and girls in need can improve their quality of life and share healthy knowledge with others in their communities.

  • UNESCO estimates that 1 in 10 school-age girls on the African continent do not attend school during menstruation.1

  • Research in Kenya revealed that 65% of women and girls can’t afford sanitary napkins.3

  • Lack of access to feminine hygiene supplies leads to gender inequity: education, employment and health. Kenyan women miss work opportunities and school-girls miss school every month.4

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